7 Benefits Blogging Gives You

7 benefits blogging

7 Benefits Blogging Gives You

7 benefits blogging

Blogging is one of the most amazing tools you can use to establish your expertise in any known field.

It’s amazing how far we have come in the last five years.

Now, you don;t need to be a professor to have a voice. Blogging gives it to you. In 2017, bloggers are perceived as credible influencers who determine value and content for millions of web visitors.

That all means that you need to be active as a blogger.

I know you may be thinking, “I don’t have anything to blog about!”


You do.

Think back to all the things you have done in your life, the people you have met, the places you have visited, your best and worst experiences, your talents and gifts…

Right there, you have something to say that will mean the world to a person searching for it.

If you still need some more convincing, then check out these 7 impressive benefits that blogging gives you.

Then give it a shot and let me know what your experiences are!


1. You become an Opinion Leader

Depending on the fact that you actually know what you’re talking about, you will very quickly have the platform to become an opinion leader in any category you so please.

Digital brand architects, for example, regularly use blogging to establish thought leadership in their respective areas of specialty.

They rely on blogging to raise their influence levels, build exposure and communicate their latest innovative digital innovations to the world.

Blogging helps you establish thought leadership in your area of specialty

2. You become a marketer

Your content markets you.

The world sees what you think, do and behave. They use this to form opinions about your brand and whether they should engage with you.

You can set up a home business and market your own products and services through captivating blogging.


3. You generate revenue

Blogging is probably one of the easiest ways to generate revenue.

I’m not talking about billboards and ads that appear on your website.

The scope is endless.

You can offer Paid Membership Seminars, Podcasts, Merchandise and Products for Sale, Consultancy, without having to plaster your blog with all sorts of adverts.


4. You generate leads

In the past, you would need to walk all over town seeking leads and undertaking cold calling – one of my least favorite tasks.

Blogging can “warm up” your cold calls and traffic from other sources.

Blogging can convert traffic into leads and leads into customers.

If someone receives your cold call, they may be more receptive if they’ve read your blog and received value from it.


5. You bring the world to your doorstep

With blogging, you let the world come to you. To an extent.

You need to seek them out.

However, if you write and market your content well, it’s only a matter of time until people find you on the web and visit your website.

In the beginning, only interested people will engage with your blog and that’s half the job done. Since they are interested, its much easier to convert them into customers.


6. You broaden your horizons

To blog effectively, you must research.

That obviously allows you space to learn, relearn, study and observe.

With a world of information at a click of your browser, you eventually see how people become experts in their niches and you can incorporate that new knowledge to become better, more effective and smarer.


7. You expand your customer base and networking ability

Linked to the point above. Your customer base and networking ability will expand in direct proportion to your ability to express yourself and communicate what your brand really stands for.

Using this platform to project this message expands your customer base.

One satisfied customer leads to another and so your business expands.


In Closing

Blogging consistently will amplify your reach and exposure better than anything else.

Gone are the days when you needed to know an editor at your local Daily or Program manager at your friendly Radio station to get some sort of exposure.

You don’t even need a sizable budget.

Blogging enables you reach the world, bring t to your doorstep, establish your credentials and grow your business (online and offline) faster and more effectively than anything else.

In what ways will you use blogging to your advantage?

Let us know by leaving a comment below.


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