85 Buyer Intent Keywords That Boost Your Conversion Rates Like Whoa!

85 Buyer Intent Keywords

By David Makuyu. Entrepreneur. Start-Up Tech Expert. Founder/CEO of Zuruweb Global.

If you are a blogger, then sooner or later, you will want to know how to get readers to opt in to your email list. Better still, you want them buying out of your hands!

To achieve that, you need to know that there are keywords that stir people to action.

Using these keywords in your blog titles, or sales pages will do wonders to boost up your conversion rates.

If you’re struggling to boost up your opt-in rates, try scouting through your content and see if you adequately used any of these words.

If not, you may want to update your articles and see if it works.

And yes, it works!

When I signed up five new blogging clients this year, I quickly run through their content.

Three of them were complaining of low website hit rates. The other two believed there was more lead generation to be realized from their digital marketing efforts.

Knowing the power of content marketing, I was sure that if we edited their content and included some of these key buyer words (and went for more ‘power phrases’ as I like to call them), there would be a change in rankings, opt-in subscription rates and readership.

One of my clients, an NGO, had 10 articles already. None of them had any power phrases or buyer intent keywords.

It was no surprise that their email list was reducing by the month. When you rely on donor/well-wisher support, this is not good.

We evaluated the blog content and also noticed that all the content fell within the 250 word limit.

Not good.

To really rank well for your keywords in Google and other search engines, your content must be at least 3,500 words.

Studies have proven that long form content ranks better than short-form content.

So, we immediately knew what we needed to do.

We had to rewrite their content, boosting up existing posts to at least 4,500 words for select keywords and adding 10 more new blog posts ranging from 1,800 words to 2,700 words.

We also added five new infographics, a slideshow and 3 list posts.

More importantly, we rewrote all the blog headlines and sub headlines.

This was by far the hardest part of the task. Yes, the hardest! Because most people will glance at the headline and not bother to move on from there if it is bland or boring.

Your read-through rate actually reduces by half.

Then we redesigned the opt-in subscription box to feature prominently on the front page.

After that, we set out to aggressively promote the new content.

It did wonders!

Within one month, we noticed an incredibly positive boost up the search engine rankings. We began ranking for eight of our select 13 keywords within five weeks.

By month five, our subscription rate had shot up from a paltry 13% to 67%, all on the strength of content.

Which leads me to a key question, “Does content marketing work?”

Abso-freaking-lutely yes!

Instead of giving you some complicated formula or copy-paste format that led to our success, the best thing I can do is lead you in the direction of the most pivotal factor I believe led to this success – buyer intent keywords.

So here they are.

Design your key articles around these buyer intent keywords, using them prominently in your headlines and sales page copy. See the difference it makes as more people gravitate towards your content.

Give Them A Call To Action

A famous copywriter said it simply,”Give your reader a call to action.”

That’s it!

Here, then, are 85 buyer-intent keywords that will have an incredibly powerful impact on your writing, and lead to higher conversion and opt-in subscription rates.

Let me know how it goes!

85 buyer keywords:

– Cure
– Improve
– Get rid of
– Reduce
– Recover
– Deal with
– Code with
– Heal
– Treat
– End
– Fix
– Repair
– Protect
– Avoid
– Prevent
– Relieve
– Remedy
– Restore
– Solve
– Rebuild
– Buy
– Purchase
– Gain
– Eliminate
– Increase
– Order
– Compare
– Overcome
– Learn
– Alleviate
– That Works
– Top
– Fast
– Quick
– Easily
– Best
– For sale
– On sale
– Vs
– For women
– For men
– For girls
– For guys
– For children
– For kids
– For couples
– For students
– For newbies
– Cheap
– Cheapest
– For seniors
– Reviews (s)
– Guide (s)
– Bonus
– Scam
– Solution
– Comparison
– Training
– Technique
– Program(s)
– Method (s)
– Plan (s)
– Software
– How to
– How do you
– How to get rid of
– How do I
– How can I
– How to make
– Get rid of
– review
– bargain
– budget
– inexpensive
– low cost
– low priced
– reduced
– model numbers
– brand names
– new
– deals
– need
– discount
– coupon
– discount code

Searches like this have a high conversion rate and will result in getting you more money per visitor.

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