About Us

Blogtoowoomba: Where The World Comes Together

We are a  group of 10 New Zealanders who hail from Toowoomba, Queensland and are interested in blogging about the world.

We currently reside in London, but retain a love for our original home.

Hence, we have developed a blog with the name of our home, but that is international in perspective.

Blogtoowoomba is an international magazine blog where we curate interesting news, interviews, inspiration, DIY and content from around the world.

We publish content ranging from current society news, entertainment, finance, DIY, entrepreneurship, travel  and self improvement.

Along the way, we’ll throw in our memories and thoughts about our homeland, just so that in case you travel there, you can always say hi!

We also appreciate guestposting, so if you have a story to tell about your travels around the world, or perhaps an interview with a prominent entrepreneur, we’d be happy to read it (and publish it if it meets our standards.)

Talk soon!

NB: We are not necessarily affiliated to Toowoomba in Queensland, although we hail from there. So the views we express here are not those of any official or representative of Toowoomba.