Homespun Country Inn Is Waiting For You!

Homespun Country Inn

Discover Homespun Country Inn

The Midwest is the breadbox of the world. It is also home to farmers and just regular folk.

Playing on that theme is the Homespun Country Inn located in Nappanee, Indiana.

Homespun Country Inn

I personally Country Inns that remind you of home with handwoven tapestries, woolen carpets, oak paneling and cherry fireplaces.

I get the feeling with Homespun Country Inn.

The minute you walk in, you feel like your grandmother will walk to you with a warm glass of milk and

escort you to your favorite rocking chair by the fireplace.

The interior is warm and cosy.

The rich ornaments and pictures sure remind me of home. As you walk up the staircase, the lovely painted glass decorations keep you in a happy mood.

And the food is delicious!

The evenings are far from cold. The great cushioning on both the armchairs and your personal room will make winter feel like autumn. It’s really what you’re looking for if you want to escape the high-end sophisticated but unnatural feel of most top end hotels.Once you climb into bed, boy! You can fall asleep for hours! It’s so comfortable, you’ll find yourself dozing long after 8 am!

For one who loves a great deal of country traveling, this quaint country inn stole my heart!

A Warm, Cute Look To The Farmhouse Captivates You From The Beginning

The appearance of the all American Farmhouse is enhanced by quarter-sawn oak in the entry and first floor common rooms. Stained glass windows add a prism effect on sunny mornings.

Each of the two parlors on the main floor have an ongoing jigsaw puzzle or just select a book for some relaxing reading.

Making this inn unique are the guest rooms named in honor of the original 1902 occupants.

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