Visit Toronto: Incredible Places To Visit

toronto places

Toronto Places! You Must Do This Trip!

Places To Visit In Toronto

Toronto, capital city of the Canadian province of Ontario, is an traveler’s dream come true.

There are so many scenic sights that you will need a good two weeks to really enjoy everything from the Art Collections to Museums, Sports Grounds, Restaurants, Open-air festivals, tours, rock-climbing and more.


The city, the fifth largest in North America, is home to several major galleries and museums.

Let’s quickly skim through some of the top places and museums to visit.

If you are an Art Lover, you might find these places especially exciting!

Toronto Places: Visit The Royal Ontario Museum

The Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) is the largest in Canada with more than 40 galleries.

The museum displays both art works and natural history items and has the largest collection of avian and mammalian skeletons in the world.

The museum’s Far East Collection, the largest collection of far eastern artifacts outside of China, is anchored by the Ming Tomb, a complete seventeenth century warriors tomb and the only complete Chinese tomb in the West.

Toronto Zoo
When in Toronto, do as the Torontians do! Visit the Zoo!

The Gardiner Museum of Ceramic Art

The Gardiner Museum of Ceramic Art was, at one time affiliated with the Royal Ontario Museum.

This specialized museum is home to more than 2,000 pieces of ceramic art.

Their collection features everything from pre-Columbian pottery to classic European porcelains of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.

The Art Gallery of Toronto

The Art Gallery of Toronto has strong collections of European and Canadian art.  One of the main attractions of the Gallery is its collection of Henry Moore sculptures, one of the largest in the world.

Henry Moore personally designed the exhibit space for this collection in 1974.

For more than thirty years the Textile Museum of Canada has celebrated international fiber art.

Their permanent collection contains more than 12,000 textiles, from pieces as much as 2000 years old to modern designs, with samples from more than 200 regions of the world.


The Bata Shoe Museum

The Bata Shoe Museum is housed in a whimsical, shoebox-shaped building designed by architect Raymond Moriyama.

The museum is home to a 4,500-piece, semi-permanent “History of Shoes” exhibit that highlights examples of footwear spanning time and the globe, from ancient Egyptian sandals to the sleekly sexy stilettos of 1990s.

The Bata also has three additional galleries that display special exhibits throughout the year.


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